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Full Legal Name: Hayden Jade Shepard

Title: Lieutenant Commander Shepard

Species: Human

Affiliation: Alliance Navy

Birth Date: April 11th, 2154

Age: 32

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States, Earth

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 155 lbs

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Light Brown

Blood Type: AB+

Organ Donor: Yes

Medical History: Restricted data. Medical clearance needed for authorization to this inquiry.  

Service Number: 5923-AC-2826


Education: Privately tutored all through school life. After joining the Military, subject took classes and received a Master's degree in Aerospace and Weapons Engineering and alien anatomy and general medicine as well as her completion of Officer School.

Class: Vanguard/ possible Cerberus upgrades

Biotic Training: Subject claims she was taught by an Asari Commando to use her biotics to the fullest of their abilities. No other data retrievable.

Weapons: Capable use of every weapon. Specializes in shotgun and heavy pistol.

Combat Skills:  L3 biotic with power equivalent to or greater than L2 level. Excellent at close-quarters to mid-range combat. Crack shot with pistol, reliably accurate up to sixty yards with N7 Special Forces issued N7 Eagle.  Received basic training in other weapons, specifically with the sniper rifle, under the tutelage of one Officer Garrus Vakarian (see Dossier: Archangel).

Handicaps:  Notoriously poor driver, whether of military grade tanks or civilian vehicles, allergen to most plant life, correctable with medication.


Background Information: Restricted data. Security number and password required.

Felonies and Arrests: Restricted data. Security number and password required.


Marital Status: No known Spouse. Extremely close friendship, both working and personal, with turian Officer Garrus Vakarian, insufficient data on extent of relationship or if they are romantically involved.

Interpersonal Relationships: Subject does not know her real parents. She was born on Earth then immediately sent to an orphanage.  Known close friendship and professional relationship with pilot (See Dossier: Jeff "Joker" Moreau) and ship physician (See Dossier: Dr. Karen Chakwas). Friendship and bond of trust with Gunnery Chief (See Dossier: Ashley Williams) and recently deceased Lieutenant (See Dossier: Kaidan Alenko.) Close ties to former and current crew, including members of many non-human species. Notable friendship with krogan bounty hunter (See Dossier: Urdnot Wrex) and quarian machinist (See Dossier: Tali'Zorah nar Rayya/vas Normandy). Working relationship and casual friendship with asari Dr.(See Dossier: Liara T'Soni.)

Note: The subject appears to possess significant personal charisma. Crew working under the commander express strong visceral reaction to commander's presence, ranging from respect to obsession. All members of former squad, barring the late Lieutenant Alenko, appeared as chief mourners at the subject's funeral. Funeral temporarily disrupted by violent outburst from krogan Urdnot Wrex, who discharged multiple shots from a concealed firearm above the commander's casket before being escorted from the premises by turian squad mate Officer Vakarian. Notably, the commander's funeral was the last confirmed sighting of Officer Vakarian shortly after his resignation from Citadel Security.


Current Status: Living/Partially Deceased/Deceased and Replaced by Impostor/Reports Vary

Military History (Pre-Spectre):

--Shepard joins Alliance Navy on April 11th, 2172
--In 2174, Shepard attends Officer schooling for 12 weeks.
--August 28th 2176, Shepard receives new orders and new command on Elysium.
--On November 21st 2176, Batarian's attack Elysium. Shepard leads fellow soldiers to the chaotic and painful victory of the Skyllian Blitz.
--On January 5th 2177, Shepard is put on a small, easy assignment to find a missing colonial pioneer team on Akuz. The mission turns for the worse; A thresher maw manages to wipe out her entire unit, minus her, in an attack.
--In May of 2178, Admiral Hackett approaches Shepard with the ability to retaliate against the Batarians on Tofan.
--In January of 2181 Shepard accepts the request for the N7 Special Forces Interplanetary Combative Training.
--In 2183, Captain Anderson requests Shepard's help on Eden Prime

Military History (Post-Spectre):  Restricted data limited to Council Leaders or High level Alliance officials. Security number and password required.  

Awards, Medals, and Military Achievements:

--Star of Terra
--Navy Cross
--Defense Distinguished Service Medal
--Navy Distinguished Service Medal x2
--Alliance Silver Star x2
--Legion of Merit x2
--Navy and Marine Corps Medal
--Alliance Bronze Star Medal x2
--Purple Heart x2
--Alliance Naval and Marine Corps Commendation Medal x3
--Alliance Navy and Marine Corps Combat Action Medal x4
--Alliance Navy and Marien Corps Presidential Unit Citation x3
--Joint Unit Meritorious Medal x2
--Alliance Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation
--Navy "E" Ribbon x5
--Combat Readiness Medal x4
--Alliance Navy and Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal x6
--Alliance navy and Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal x2
--Alliance Navy and Marine Corps Vetus Combat Medal  x2
--Elysium Defense Service Medal
--Tofan Campaign Medal
--Universal War on Terrorism Service Medal x2
--Humanitarian Service Medal x3
--Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal x3
--Alliance Navy and Marine Corps Galactic Service Medal x3
--Alliance Navy and Marine Corps Expert Rifleman's Medal x7
--Alliance Navy and Marine Corps Expert Pistol Medal x7

Other Notes:  Funeral arrangements overseen by Alliance military in lieu of absent family members. Chief mourners consisted of former Normandy crew, again, in lieu of absent family members. Closed-casket ceremony in lieu of recoverable body. Personal effects destroyed with Normandy aside from personal foot locker that came to a Officer Vakarian, final will and testaments recovered from data network, all retrievable credits administered to charities for orphans and funds for human colony defenses.


Psychological Bio:  Dangerously persuasive. Has been known to lose temper and unleash unexpected biotic punch. Potentially deadly to aggravate. Assault, whether verbal or physical, highly discouraged. Attempts to bribe or otherwise manipulate not recommended, as subject has been known to react violently. Despite warnings, Commander is not unstable. Highly protective of civilians and firm believer in justice and punishment for crimes. Prefers to apprehend rather than kill. Driven by a combination of emotional response and moral code. Has never been observed to "look the other way" for money or favors.

Other Psychological Notes:  Previously diagnosed with minor post-traumatic stress disorder following slaughter of fellow soldiers and civilians on Elysium. Subject has since, fully recovered. Likely suffers from undiagnosed sleep disorder resulting in frequent lack of sleep and regular self-administration of stimulation doses. Self-medication supervised by Alliance medical personnel a one Dr. Chakwas.


Last Confirmed Sighting:  Seen blown into deep space with damaged suit by pilot Jeff Moreau during destruction of Normandy SR-1

Last Unconfirmed Sighting:  Seen on Omega by various witnesses, most unreliable, no video or photo evidence.
*Mass Effect belongs to Bioware, however Hayden is mine... you cannot haz ;)

Just some fun :D I will be attempting to do these for every character but I thought I would start with the number one woman herself :D

Don't worry, they won't interfere with my fanfic... I promise! They are just a little something to get my Mass Effect fanfic ball rolling when it's time.

Hope you enjoy learning a little about my Shepard, I'm certainly in love with her :love: :D

Original Picture is mine and can be found at this [link]
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